Lavender Dryer Sachets

Lavender Dryer Sachets

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There are several harmful chemicals in traditional dryer sheets and synthetic fragrances account for a lot of them. These "fragrances" are usually the cause of allergic reactions to products and skin rashes in babies. These fragrances are extremely toxic, are known cancer-causing ingredients and also affect the liver. Yikes! 

These exquisitely fragrant dryer sachets are pure organic Lavender stored in an unbleached muslin bag. Use these in place of dryer sheets for fluffy, wonderful smelling laundry. Each one will last approximately 35 loads and can be used afterward as a drawer sachet or composted. This is a completely eco-friendly option and won't irritate your skin.

There are two 4”x6” 1-ounce sachets in one order. 

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