Cherry Blossom Bath Salts
Cherry Blossom Bath Salts
Cherry Blossom Bath Salts
Cherry Blossom Bath Salts

Cherry Blossom Bath Salts

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This is such a fresh and clean scent of cherry blossom, with a whiff of white lily, enticing open bloom of violet pedals and blended with a touch of warm vanilla you will be relaxed and renewed from a long day by soaking in a tub filled with our botanical bath salts that are vegan, pure, and natural.

Epsom Salt is absorbed through the skin to replenish the body's levels of magnesium, increases energy, and a great natural moisturizer.

    Will come packaged in a beautiful clear facing stand-up pouch that is labeled front and back and very easy to open and handle.

    Directions: Fill your bath with these skin-loving salts by sprinkling desired amount (usually 1 to 2 tablespoons-depending on how large your tub might be you may need more) throughout your bath water.

    Use at least two to three times a week for ultimate pleasure and relaxation.

    Caution: When getting in and out of tub is aware that the oils in the bath salts might make the tub slippery.

    Note: SOS BLISS produces all handcrafted soaps and bath products in small batches by hand in Fort Worth, Texas. Due to the nature of our products please allow for variations. Keep water out of pouch between uses to keep product fresh and uncontaminated. Please do read ingredients before purchasing this product, and if irritation occurs stop use.

    Ingredients: European Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Fragrance Oil, Rose and Calendula dry botanicals.

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